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GODIAG GT100+ Customer Review: Durable Enough for Bench Testing/ Programming

Here are some newest customer reviews of GODIAG GT100+ ECU Breakout Box.
Review 1: The best test Jig at this price point.
At first look I thought what was I getting myself into but after doing some research online ane getting the pin layout of the 2004 For Ranger that that had a intermitten Stalling issue I was able to use wire the Gt100+ between the ECM and the harness and using my cheep OBD2 Scanner determine that that every time the engine stalled the ECM had stopped putting out injector puleses while all of the sensors were functioning properly.

Review 2: Fantastic breakout box for professional use
Loving the GT100+ so far. Durable enough for daily use as a BoB, functional enough for bench testing and programming.
There are cheaper breakout boxes out there, but NONE have this level of functionality. Even if you're a DIYer chasing a no com, this tool can still pay for itself in one use.
godiag gt100+

Review 3: Pretty cool b.o.b to have!
Pretty cool! I bought this Godiag GT100+ last month just to have a b.o.b. because I didn't want to spend the 200 for the aes one. I really wanted it so I wouldn't forget my autel or launch dongles lol plus I work on older cars. So I'm still able to use the com lines and between Amazon rewards points and coupons it was free for me. But I didn't know I could use it for bench programming! I have the cardaq3+, so now I might go to the junk yard and get some practice in.

Review 4: Good choice with high quality
High Quality, fast shipping no tax, i love this GT100+. thanks for your service.

In a word, GODIAG GT100+ is a good testing platform for OBDII protocol communication detection and ECU maintenance/ diagnosis/ programming/ coding.
Good price (No Tax), high quality at